2-Pack White Flight Bird Cages

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Color: White


  • 【Spacious flight cage】Measuring 30.5” L x 18.5” W x 18″H, the extra room of this flight cage can let 3 to 4 small to medium pet birds stretch wings and hop around cheerfully at the same time. Meanwhile, measuring 30” L x 18” W x 18” H, the extra room of the flight cage with rolling stand can also let 3 to 4 lovely small birds stretch wings and hop around cheerfully at the same time. You can place many toys for your birds to enjoy.
  • 【Rolling stand with shelf】Rolling casters and safety wheel brakes of this flight cage provide your lovely birds a chance to move around the house, and they can even stay outside with sunshine when the weather is so fine. The bottom area designed for storage purposes helps you to sort bird foods and cleaning tools out with ease.
  • 【Movable stable】With the wheels, your parrots can now enjoy different surroundings in daily life. The flight cage also has safety brakes on two wheels to ensure stability when you have chosen a nice spot for the birds to stay with.
  • 【Assemble with ease】A manual with graphics and text is included and half of the flight cage iron panels are pre-assembled for you, so you can save your time while bringing this cozy house to the lovely creatures.
  • 【Removable design】With the detachable top cage design, your birds can also be staying on desks and temporarily in your vehicle. Two red holders are in charge of stability when putting together.

Package Dimensions: 230x815x14538


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