36In Cat Condo House Cat Tower with Scratching Post, Dual Condos and Scratching Board, Indoor Cats Kittens Pets

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Color: Dark Gray


  • Safe to use: To ensure safety, the corners of the bottom board, middle board, perch and condos all are round in shape to protect your cats from hurting. Also, in the back of the middle board, there is an anti-toppling band which can be used for securing the cat tree to the wall safely.
  • Scratching posts & board: This multi-level cat tower has 2 scratching posts and a scratching board evenly distributed around the tower. The scratching posts & board are covered by natural sisal ropes. They are not only for your kittens’ fun, but also protect your furniture from their paws.
  • Multi-level 3 tiers: Our plush cat house has a high edged perch with a furry ball, two condos with two doors individually, two scratching posts, and one lower scratching board. The whole structure has 3 tiers. Both a comfortable resting-place and interesting playground, our multi-level cat tower will bring comfort and fun to your adorable cats.
  • Edged perch with a furry ball: The high perch is fulled edged by silk floss, which is very soft and cozy. There is a furry ball tied by an elastic band with a small bell for your cats’ fun. This elastic furry ball can be removed if it is not your cats’ type. You can exchange his/her favorite toy hanging to the small ring.
  • Simple easy-to-match color/design: The whole cat tree is covered by plush in simple color. It is easy to match other furniture, and becomes a special beauty to your house. We have many kinds of colors for your choice.

Details: If you are a cat owner, this multi-level plush cat tree can not be missed. It is a good playground and comfortable bed for your furry friends. There is a higher perch with raised cushion edges for feline friends to rest and lounge. Plush cover and cushion edges, they will enjoy that perch very much. The dual condos create a sense of security, a good quiet place for them to snooze/sleep. Each condo has two doors, convenient for them to come and go. Three fully-wrapped scratching posts and board are designed for your furry pals to play and exercise their paws. And also, the scratching posts help protect your furniture from cats’ scratches. Durable particleboard, metal and natural sisal ropes and cozy plush, selected materials make sure that our luxury cat house has a long-time service life.Specifications:Color: Dark GrayMaterial: Particleboard, Plush, Sisal RopeOverall size: 19.3 x 18 x 36inch (L x W x H)N. W.: 24.5lbG. W.: 26.7lbMax. weight capacity (Perch & Condo): 26.5lbPackage included:1 x Cat Tree1 x Assembly Instructions

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